How to: find the right and avoid a bad lawyer

By Jennifer Bailey | Law

Jan 11

The quality of the legal team you choose depends on whether you will get or lose your case – and that’s always the case. Not all graduate lawyers, nor those with a longer work experience, are equally competent, ethical and professional. High prices, good degrees, and long experience does not necessarily mean that a good lawyer is guaranteed to you.

In every business, there are weaker professionals who still managed to reach a certain place in their career. It is very important that you are able to hire a lawyer from whom you will benefit, and from which you will receive exactly the service you pay. That is why there is this guide that will show you how to avoid a bad lawyer and how to find yourself the one that will suit your legal needs. Expand your knowledge on Tweak Box website.

Avoid a bad one

The first indicator of how much your future lawyer is good at his job is what kind of attitude he has towards work habits. If your lawyer does not accept your callbacks or is returning them after a very long period of time, it is an obvious sign that his work habits are bad, or at least he is not interested enough for his clients. It doesn’t matter if he is just too busy with other cases because it just means that he has not set aside a time for your case – you are not his priority. The same applies if he doesn’t respond to e-mails in time.

The characteristic features of your lawyer are also highly important. If a lawyer you are planning to hire is impatient, uncomprehending, or if he has any other trait that indicates that it is harder to get a job, you should pay special attention because this may not be the best lawyer for you. These character traits can contribute to tension and conflict not only between him and you as a client but also in communicating with other parties regarding your case. If, at the very beginning, you are promised a successful outcome for your case, be careful because a good lawyer would never make such empty promises.

What is a good lawyer?

A good lawyer should have a good and successful experience in cases that are similar to yours. He should have a number of special certificates and skills that are beneficial for you. Ask him how much he charges and how does he calculate his price. It is also important to know are there any other hidden expenses, taxes or regulations.

You could ask about him among other lawyers or his clients just to make sure you are making the right move. A background check is also a good thing to do, and you can do it by the law asking the Bar Association and searching his firm and him through the internet.If you are still not shure, ask yourself – does he seems like a person you would normally do business with?

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